Thursday 12th October is almost upon us, and we have a really interesting evening with lots of opportunity to practice. This month’s session is presented for you by Phil Jones who is a Master Practitioner in NLP and Training and Development Manager with Sussex Probation.

Gaining Rapport in Sticky Situations
People like people they’re like

We all know how rapport smoothes social interactions and is a feature of our most productive and successful relationships.  Those of who are NLP trained have a firm grasp of those simple techniques which help establish rapport quickly and easily.

What about those sticky situations where the person you’re seeking rapport with actively wants to avoid your attentions, has yet to develop rapport skills themselves or has chosen to try to make life difficult for you?

Phil Jones is a Master Practitioner in NLP and Training and Development Manager with Sussex Probation.  Earlier this year Phil conducted research to model those probation staff who were excellent at making assessments of offenders.  He identified that one of features of the highest performers was the ability to develop rapport with their clients – all of whom have been directed by the courts and many of whom do not wish to engage with Probation staff.

Using NLP, Phil is in the process of working with staff across his organisation to improve their rapport skills. 

Whilst standard NLP techniques offer a great deal for these workers, Phil has needed to look around to utilise other techniques as a working model for interviewing offenders with rapport.

On 12th October Phil will be refreshing/ the groups grasp of the core rapport skills whilst sharing his approach for Rapport in Sticky Situations.  There be lots of opportunities to explore interactively and have a lively debate as to how to move this area of work forward.