February Meeting It was great to see you all at the NLP Group last month - so many new and familiar faces. I really enjoyed the evening and I think everyone else did too. The theme for next meeting is Decision Making. I am still accepting offers from those who wish to present something you think will be of interest to the group and also warm up sessions, If you would like to have a go or have a suggestion feel free, all contributions are welcomed. I'm always looking forward for the opportunity to meet up with like-minded people and try new and different ways of doing NLP and just to talk. Last meeting the theme was Anchors and after the introductions the warm up was to chat for 10 minutes and get to know each other and anchor some behaviour. Great fun I laughed so much I was in stitches, Monica anchored my laugh and I hers and the anchor lasted all evening and even in the pub after - there was some strange anchoring gestures and noises going on! After our break we discussed 'natural anchors' and how not all stimuli are as equally effective as anchors - some it seems are hardwired. Then as a precursor to the exercise we discussed and brought to mind lots of different ways to anchor a state. We talked about all the different states to anchor and then how we might get others in the state we wish to anchor, spontaneously, going into that state ourselves or asking our partner to think of something that would produce that state. The exercise was to develop rapport, get a reaction, anchor it and keep firing it! After the exercise we talked about it as a group and then discussed what to do next meeting.