Thursday 13th April - Review

Hakalou  Mike Lank
Michael Lank who is a Hypnotherapist  in Brighton, Hove and Lewes, here's a link to his website

Pick out a spot on the wall and as you focus on it pay attention to your peripheral vision. I am aware of far more by expanding my awareness and concentrating on 7/11 breathing - A great really fast way to go into a waking trance and expertly presented by Mike.

Tim Davis   Coaching Skills for NLP'ers
Tim Davies,  is a Business and Life coach from Brighton here’s a link to his web site

Tim talked about his very obvious passion for coaching and how useful his training as a NLP Master Practitioner was. However he found he was very much focused on what he was doing and the NLP techniques he had learned.  After he had been trained as a coach it brought a new dimension to his ability to practise and this approach was completely client centred.

 He explained more fully and I volunteered for his demonstration.  The first exercise was about who you are and the many roles that we all live.  For example “ I am a mother “ Tim said  “I can see that in you “ and then Tim did this for each role I had in my life, Then I had all these roles affirmed together as a complete person giving me a powerful feeling of wellbeing and a sense of who I am. It felt good to have somebody say those things to me, and somebody else acknowledging who you are, great to have all the attention and a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling – very simple and very effective – we did this in groups of 3

 The next exercise was about asking questions.  We formed two large groups and took it in turns to be the client with a stuck or blocked issue to work on. The rest of the group asked questions in turn and the client replied with a scale of 1-10 as a measure of how useful the question was to them. First we all asked the usual questions How? What? When? etc. Tim then asked us to use different questions not the usual ones – think outside of the box It didn’t matter too much what the questions were just experiment he said.  So we did and we became quite creative. There were some great ‘ah ha’ moments particularly because as practitioners we had already asked ourselves all the usual questions - and that was how we had reached that stuck state.  It was interesting that some of the wackiest questions were the most thought provoking for the client.

 We then discussed with the whole group our experiences as coach and/or client.  The scoring was really important although not a reliable indicator of how important a question was. Clients would often give the question a low score if there was something they didn’t like about the question.

 Tim rounded off with a story about his experience with a coach called Mary about a question which he thought was just daft and irrelevant, but it played on his mind over the next few days and it turned out to be the question that shifted things. The point that Tim had illustrated is that all questions are relevant and worth asking and flexibility and variety are essential in getting our clients to think outside of the box.


The coaching  session was very useful to the work I do – made me think!

I liked the group atmosphere- very friendly – my first evening and I felt very welcomed, relaxed and part of a group. I enjoyed the practical nature of the group and how I had the opportunity to work with different people. The presenter ran the group very smoothly and explained the exercises very well        Lynne Smith

Hakalou …relaxing, ready for the rest of the evening           Lynne Smith

Stimulating , I liked getting out of a rut        Alistair Parkin

Hakalou very competent presenter. Tim Davies-very insightful and I will use some of the techniques in therapy. Liked meeting an eclectic group of people      Steve Griffiths

Friendly, Good communication. Hakalou very good - learnt a lot      Paul Hughes Barlow

 Mike's warm up was very good, very useful. Tim did some great excercises – practical and kept to time.              Mike Shreve

 Hakalou - Great, fast way to get into meditation!  Useful excercises; food for thought. The evening felt fairly informal and comfortable, ‘safe’        Toni Evans

 Very good – worthwhile exercises which were well introduced.  Tim brought his obvious passion for his coaching work to the session. Presentation was well organised and when details were lacking it was clearly done with intention.     John Nicoll

Most excellent. Taught  me to think more outside  the normal zones. Had a real aha! moment when I  reframed my mind about a problem I was experiencing!!!                                                                                                               Anthony Asquith

 Mike; nicely presented, Tim: Very appropriate and useful. Liked doing something not related to usual NLP techniques        Anon

Relaxed group, friendly people     Anon

 Very Good, Very Good       Anon

Tim Davies,  is a Business and Life coach from Brighton here’s a link to his web site

The warm up session is by Michael Lank who is a Hypnotherapist  in Brighton, Hove and Lewes, here's a link to his website