Review  Thursday 11th May
The Mythogenic self – NLP and beyond
Sam Riordan and Jon Nichol

Warm Up – The Maori Greeting (with credit to Robert Dilts) it’s good to see you!

We faced each other in pairs and greeted each other with “Its good to see you”, the other person replied  “Its good to be seen” and then the roles were reversed so the other person did the greeting.  Then we moved on to repeat the greeting with everyone in the group. The aim was to become present to the 'other' and for each greeting to be a full experience.

The Mythogenic self – NLP and beyond
Sam opened with a diagram of Dilts Nuerological Levels model and an alternative model from the Mythogenic Self model.  The Mythogenic Self process begins with the ontologyical, and transpersonal levels.  These correspond with Dilts' identity and spiritual levels.  When Congruence and alignment are generated at these levels; then effective change in a person at the lower levels of belief, behaviour and environment follow easily.

 Next Jon did some storytelling with an introduction about doing the garden – something about flowers, plants growing and led into the story of the film Pleasantville. Curiously I’ve seen this film or a bit of it, it  was torturous to watch so I’m sure I didn’t watch it but I new it frame by frame – or it could be that it is so repetitive I didn’t need to watch it, but as Jon told it I was enthralled.  I knew all the characters and fine details maybe they were repeated too. When the red rose bloomed in the garden I was so in the experience my awareness was inside the red rose, I felt the moist delicate touch so intimately against my cheek, all my senses filled with the gentle fragrance and perfection and intricacy of its design. – I didn’t  go for the pink bubble gum though!

After our story we were asked about our experience and then we had a volunteer Kim Leader who demonstrated what happens for him when he was at his best, we watched carefully for all the submodalities and he told us of his awareness and the feelings he experienced.

After the break , the demonstration was repeated in more depth.  And then we formed groups of 3 or 4 and we each went through the experience. When we found that perfect state and noticed our awareness and all the submodalities we gave it a name as an anchor. My group were amazing we had a Hercules, a Baboo, a Raptor and a Beautiful.  We all got so much from this exercise and we were able to share those experiences - which was wonderful.

I still felt I hadn’t understood the Mythogenic Self Process so I asked Sam and she sent me the following explanation

1. What is the Mythogenic Self Process?
The Mythogenic Self Process is an experiential process of personal development, which leads people to a position where they are operating out of a profoundly powerful and potent state of being. From this position, a person moves through the world with a sense of completion, unwavering personal integrity, satisfaction, purpose and intentionality, regardless of context and circumstance. The Process is facilitated, either in a one-to-one format or via the three-day programme, The Mythogenic Self Experience. Whilst facilitators in the Process use NLP skills and hypnotic protocol, the Mythogenic Self is not NLP or hypnosis!

The benefits of experiencing the Process include, but are not limited to:

Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
Emotional control and readiness
A pervasive sense of wholeness and well-being
Balance and calm
Directionality and purpose
Enhanced sensory perception - a sense of being more fully alive
Ability to operate with greater intentionality
Clearer decision-making

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Expertly done, really enjoyed it – overwhelmed                                   Katie Bickerdike

Excellent Warm Up. Really enjoyed the exercise                                           Mike Lank

Enjoyed being with people of the same frame of mind                                                                                                                                                                 Anon

Great!                                                                                                         Martin Philips

Wasn’t sure what to expect, Very useful , Liked - atmosphere and friendliness, thought provoking, mix of listening and exercises.                                                Anon

 The Warm Up session was really great. My first experience of Brighton NLP Group, Excellent, Challenging , worth the travel from Redhill; Liked the friendly atmosphere                                                                                                   Geoff Allan

 Liked discovering how body language can be used to illicit states, useful for working with clients                                                                                            Anthony Asquith

Liked Trainers attitude and skill, friendly group – very appreciative – thanks

Kim Leader

Enjoyed the people in the group, some useful insights                                Mike Shreve

 V.Good –enjoyable.  A great set of people                                                   Peter Offen

Very good very useful. New and enlightening                                            Sarah Barrett

 Warm Up session was good for getting in touch with all the people in the room. Enjoyed meeting a great bunch of lovely people. Slight understanding of the process – still feels a bit mysterious.                                                                                    Anon

 -a new way to look at life – could / will be useful. The Warm Up was different – Good                                                                                                               Bob  Tiley